Women’s Snowboarding Session in Cardiff! Some fun sports for you ladies

What another great day here in Cardiff with a women’s snowboarding session at Cardiff Ski and Snowboard Centre. As I might have mentioned before, snowboarding is my passion so seeing so many women on boards was  absolutely amazing!

I still come across so many ladies saying they don’t feel comfortable to try certain sports or don’t like coming alone or find excuses not to push their comfort zones. I know it’s hard, I really do.. I have to push myself to do things all the time and believe me it is rewarding once you look back and see what you have achieved.

This is why I run events women for women to try fun sports! To allow you to feel comfortable in a friendly environment where no one judges, looks at you, or cares how good or bad you are.. It’s a great opportunity to get out, try a new sport activity, perhaps find an new hobby, make new friends and increase your self-confidence!

For those of you who came, well done! You did amazing and should be so proud of how well you did. 23380030_1483607025092642_7285798459486970779_n

If you feel you would like to try snowboarding or any other sport event in Cardiff, but don’t feel too confident about it or you have any queries, please feel free to contact me!

I hope to meet you soon!




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