My adventure in Nepal awaits!


Might meet you there, who knows?!

Yep you read correctly, 1 week today I will be wondering around Kathmandu thinking about what to visit next, taking in a whole new culture, new food, language and new people.

I am then going to start my 10 day trek towards Annapurna Basecamp (4,130m) – with a guide (if you’re wondering). I have been trekking before but never for this amount of time and I’m really looking forward to it. I have walked Pen y Fan and Snowdon (Wales) this summer and done a few local hikes here and there but nothing major to get into the mood.  I’ve tried to keep fairly fit by doing other activities, gym and surfing so I’m hoping that will be enough.

A few things I’ve discovered since planning my trekking trip:  how much stuff I had to buy before going- so if you have any friends which can lend you any gear or clothing opt for that option as it will save you quite a bit of money! Get your packing skills ready as you will only want to take the essentials with you. I still haven’t finished packing my rucksack but sure I will update you when I’m back with DO’s & DON’T’sIMG_1286

Monsoon period is the least popular for tourists, which is a great thing so you don’t get too many crowds but I’ve also discovered that you get loads of leeches when trekking. So I am hoping I have just missed those lovely friendly blood sucking creatures and will be able to avoid them. However, to be prepared I have bought some gaiters for my boots and have good waterproof trousers which will hopefully help!

I can’t wait to get going and to update you when I’m back. And to all you Ladies who love the idea of trying something similar or just doing something new & adventurous.. Just do it! It’s often hard to find travel buddies and to get the courage to book your ticket and just go, but life is too short…So my advice is to think less and do more and I’m sure you will have amazing stories to tell when you’re back:-)


Might meet you there, who knows?





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