Cait’s Snowboarding Experience with Letzshare in Cardiff

This year I decided that although I’ve never been on a skiing holiday before that I was going to visit Colorado to do some snowboarding (why not, hey?) And by some luck I found out that my cousin, Giorgia was organising a snowboarding taster session at Cardiff dry ski slope through her new business: Letzshare.  Awesome timing! As soon as I saw the Facebook event I clicked ‘going’ and was even more excited to discover the session was free… Perfect!

The event gave me a chance to try out an extreme sport I’d never really considered doing until a few months previously without any commitment, free of charge! It was a chance to turn my fantasy of riding down the slopes into something much more realistic- so I was very excited to get to Cardiff!


When I got to Giorgia’s house me and a few of Giorgia’s friends piled into her car and set off. Everyone in the car was really excited because they’d never tried snowboarding before- most of us had never really expected to try it out but Giorgia’s event had given us all the opportunity to say “Why not?!”

Once we got there, the staff started fitting us with all the gear we needed and the room suddenly got very full. I remember thinking, “How on earth are these guys going to teach 24 women all at once on that slope?” I was also surprised at the variety of women there- there were plenty of young, sporty women as you’d expect but there were also lots of older women. All of us had one thing in common though, we’d never done snowboarding before and didn’t really know what to expect. I was really excited and optimistic but a lot of the girls there were nervous. I think people expected to go flying down the slope with no control!

However the staff at Cardiff ski slope really delivered. My earlier doubts about how they were going to teach 24 inexperienced, nervous women were proven wrong. The guys at Cardiff dry slope were awesome teachers! We all had a go at getting up and the first things we were taught were all about control. Everyone got to have a good go and I certainly felt like the whole time I was going I was being watched and critiqued- which was perfect! Lots of high-fives were had and everyone spent the whole time laughing. It was really encouraging and so much fun.

I spoke to a couple of women after the event when we were having cake and tea (a brilliant idea- we were so tired). Everyone had their own reason for being there. I met another woman who, like me, had set her sights on a snowboarding holiday (her’s was for her 40th birthday) and she’d seen the event on the Letzshare page and though “Brilliant- just what I need!” Most people, though, had seen the event and just gone for it because they wanted to try something new. There was even a group of women who’d come all the way from Swansea to try it out and they had a fab time.

For me, the event was a huge success! It was the encouragement I needed to decide that I was really going to pursue this snowboarding holiday. I absolutely loved the session and the teaching was so good that I felt like I’d learnt so much- and that was being part of a class of 24! So since then I’ve booked 4 more lessons through my university’s snowsports club. So far I’ve had two lessons at the dry slope in Gloucester (you should see the bruise I have on my bum right now!) My next two lessons are going to be in a snowdome so hopefully the landings will be a bit softer. 

I would highly recommend checking out one of the next Letzshare sessions. I’ve always had a very reserved approach towards exercise and I’ve always been slightly puzzled by people who try “random” sports like climbing, rollerblading etc. and it’s probably because I haven’t ever tried these things in the right environment. I am definitely going to be trying more sports through Letzshare because the experience was so encouraging! I was left feeling really invigorated by the event and I can’t wait to try something new again.


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