Women’s Snowboard Session in Cardiff

What a great event and how amazing to see so many women on snowboards in one place! Those of you who perhaps don’t know me so well you might not realise how much snowboarding means to me. It is my passion and I enjoy every single bit about it, especially seeing so many ladies excited (or nervous) about learning such an amazing sport! Just a few words to thank Cardiff Ski and Snowboard Centre and all the instructors who helped on the day and made everyone feel at ease and enjoy! Ladies, you were all amazing! You all threw yourself into it and learnt so quickly, so should be so proud and ready to go again!!

I hope it made you feel good about yourself, more confident and prepared to try new things without too much fear!

Following the excitement and success this day brought, there will be other exciting activities to come.. I am always open to suggestions so please join the community on Facebook, follow on Instagram and Twitter and let 2017 be the year you start ticking those things of your bucket list!! Β  @Letzshare

I really look forward to seeing you all again, make sure you let all your lady friends know about us and bring them along too!

Til the next adventure,

Jojo xx



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