My first (and maybe last) Half Marathon experience :)

It was a really hot day and at this point of the run I was starting to slow down a little when A lady was running by me and must have been in her late 60s, she had just fallen and cut her knee so I asked her if she was ok and she answered “I’m fine thanks! I’m running for my grandson which has got severe cerebral palsy and if he can do anything- I can do this!” and she shot off ahead of me… AMAZING

I strongly believe it was one of the most terrifying things I have ever done, simply because I felt under prepared, I have never been a good runner, I have always suffered from bad stitches, terrible in long distance.. But I did it, and I really enjoyed it, the atmosphere was unbelievable and I could not believe it once I crossed the finish line. That’s when you realise you’ve done it, you’ve pushed your body more than you might have ever done before,  you’ve overcome a challenge and experienced something new and probably had fun too! Well done you!

 Some thoughts from my Cardiff Half Marathon experience

1) Invest in a good pair of running shoes ####1!!

2) When you’re training make yourself RUN MORE! Try following a plan which might help you with that, I didn’t do enough long runs.

3) If you’ve got a running buddy, try sticking together during the run! I lost mine half way, it makes a big difference if you’ve got a friend to run by 🙂

4) Buy jelly babies and put them in your pockets, bra, socks wherever you fancy- they are worth it!!

5) When all you want to do is stop, just keep going. Think about what shopping you might have to do, where you are planning your next holiday or whatever might take your thought away from the possible knee pain which you might be getting

…IT WILL ALL BE WORTH IT! and believe me the beer afterwards makes it all better! I also got free prosecco in Buffalo’s, just for taking part- isn’t that convincing enough?

What exactly made me want to run a half marathon, I still don’t know to this day! Looking back I think it was the excitement of a new challenge, a goal to work towards and to be proud of and a sense of satisfaction. Oh yes, and all those times my mum would get me out of bed to go and cheer loads of crazy people running a marathon past our house!

 If you think about it it’s pretty incredible what thousands of people put themselves through during any half marathon, or marathon if you’re totally crazy haha. I must admit I don’t think I trained enough before the big day, I had only run 15km on one occasion before hand and thought that would be enough. I “really” enjoyed going for 30 minute runs but found the longer ones just extremely boring and never ending.

Though the big day was absolutely amazing! For anyone living in Cardiff and looking for a challenge, something to push yourself further than you might have ever done before, experience something amazing then Cardiff Half is something you might want to try at least once! The support and encouragement you get from spectators all along the race course is just incredible, the audience varies from kids to elderly ladies shouting your name and handing you jelly beans- it just makes me smile at thought of it!

So if you’re thinking of registering, just do it, you’ll be proud of yourself! Ask a friend to do it with you if you aren’t too sure, it will make you feel more accountable and you can even train together, get fit, have fun, challenge yourself and prove to yourself that you CAN do whatever you put your mind to! 🙂



PS. This was not my face when I crossed the finish line, luckily I don’t have one of then!



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