Life after Uni.. Just follow your heart and BELIEVE in yourself!

I personally found the last few months a combination of mixed emotions including a feeling of stress, excitement, joy, fun, tiredness and let’s face it a little bit of Fear. Everybody coming to the end of Uni will know the most popular question that you are asked is “So what will you do once you finish? Have you got a job lined up?” and all I could do was laugh every time someone asked me as I had so many ideas of what I wanted to do when I finished I wasn’t even sure where I would start- I suppose that’s when some feeling of fear appears.. What actually am I going to do when I finish?!

So here I am, nearly 6 months on since I graduated and still don’t really know what I’ll be when I’m older, though what I know is that I am happy where I am right now. I finished uni and wanted to test a business idea I had been working on during my course and thought I had nothing else to lose but to try it, whilst working a part-time job. I have been lucky enough to have had lots of support by my Uni, family and friends and I’ve been part of an accelerator programme which helps you “accelerate” your business idea. In fact, I think my business idea has changed about 4 times within the last 3 weeks.


I have finally decided that doing what you love is so important in life as I am a great believer that HAPPINESS comes first in life. As I have mentioned before I love sports and I love people, I find great pleasure in helping others by inspiring, motivating and leading others. Hence, I have decided to create a community to encourage women of all ages and abilities to get together, experiment new things, try alternative sports, challenge themselves and have FUN! Ultimately, isn’t that what life is all about? Though some may disagree…

My motto has always been TAKE YOUR PASSION AND MAKE IT HAPPEN, though over the years  I have had many friends tell me they don’t actually have any passions. We all do, deep down have something that drives a sense of energy, excitement and happiness when we do it or achieve it. I still have a few dreams I want to make into reality, and do you know what, NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE and don’t let anyone tell you that, ever.  As long as you really want something you will achieve it. It probably won’t come easy, but there again nothing does- It’s all part of the fun 🙂

So all I can suggest is take what you enjoy, what makes you happy, perhaps a dream you would love to come true, a lot of work, friends, challenge and work towards it.. It will all be worth it. And when you find yourself struggling, when times are hard and you feel like quitting- surround yourself with people who are willing to help you and support you!

Letzshare the experience:)





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