Did you realise you could Ski & Snowboard in Cardiff?! Looking to organise Women’s Snowboard Session!

Oh yes, you read right: you can actually learn to SKI & Snowboard in Cardiff!! So for all those times you thought how cool it would be to try a pair of skis or snowboard, you can now start or progress your skills in Cardiff!! The centre offers a 100 metre slope and overhead poma ski lift (the one you put in between your legs and try sitting on and perhaps fall off when you’re learning.. BUT it’s all part of the fun!:-) ).

It offers ski and snowboard lessons, which are a great way to try if you’re thinking of going on a ski holiday or if you just fancy trying a new FUN and AMAZING sport! They also offer adaptive skiing, freestyle snowboard clubs, kids parties and tubing (inflatable rings you can slide down the slope on).

In my previous post I forgot to mention I am a previous Snowboard Cross Athlete, hence this post. Snowboarding is my life, my passion and one of the most fun sports you could ever get into (I am probable a bit bias but it’s true! haha). So I’ve decided I want to inspire more people and in particular more women and girls to get involved in this amazing sport which in the past has been considered and associated more with boys.. Though I still don’t know the reason behind this.

As you’ve probably heard a million times before, exercising regularly is SOOO good for you in so many ways (mental health, physical health, heart issues, diabetes, concentration etc.)Β and so many times you’ve probably thought you wanted to get fit, buy a gym membership or go for a run but then changed your mind as there was something better to do. Well, SURPRISE:-) as snow sports, like watersports, and many other alternative activities are actually so much fun- and you can actually socialise, increase confidence, get fit without even realising and most of all have fun!

Soooo calling out to all LADIES, I am looking to organise a women and girls snowboarding session in Cardiff SOON and I would LOVE to hear from you- it doesn’t matter if you’ve never done it before or event tried it once before- I am hear to help, organise, get together, have fun, challenge yourself, meet other women and allow you to ENJOY exercising (you will, believe me!!)

Hope to hear from you soon!:)




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