My story and the reason behind Letzshare

Not exactly sure where to start and want to keep it simple so that you can understand who I am in a nutshell- although I hope to meet you too!:)

So, my name is Giorgia- also known as Jojo, I have recently graduated from a degree in Sport Management and currently living in Cardiff. I have always been passionate about sports and physical activities in general- may they be indoors, outdoors, on snow, water or land and I have now decided I want to pass my passion onto others or simply inspire other women to do what inspires YOU!

I just want to create a community where women can experiment new sports, get together, challenge themselves to try something new perhaps, support each other, get fit, make new friends but most of all have some FUN times and pass their experience on.

During summer 2014 I volunteered in Zambia , Africa and coached sports, PE and life skills workshops in some of the most deprived areas of Lusaka. The aim was to empower children through sports and teach life skills through physical activities- It was there that I truly realised the POWER of sports, how it can bring people together, unify, bring joy, health and happiness even during hard situations. Through sports people can find their confidence, combat mental and physical health, and contribute to an overall well-being.


So if you feel like you want to try something new- maybe snowboarding, skiing, climbing, trampoline fitness, surfing, or simply walking etc. whatever it may be I would love to hear from you and organise what it might be that inspires you. Or maybe you just fancy meeting some other like-minded individuals and have a chat? LETZSHARE the experience, I look forwards to hearing from you and meeting you.





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